Why do you need insurance on your property?

If you have bought a house in Spain, but you are not there all year, you should consider taking out a home insurance policy. Empty houses are usually at a greater risk, and the damage can escalate if you do not catch them on time. A basic coverage in Spain is not very expensive, with an average price of around 250 € per Year.

Ideally, you should get an insurance that provides some basic coverage, for example. Protection from electrical damage or damage caused by water and adverse weather conditions. Another area that you should not overlook is coverage of theft, as the risk of someone breaking into your house are greater if it is empty for long periods. You should also choose an insurance covering replacement of locks, broken glass and the consequences of vandalism. Also ensure that the insurance covers civil liability and legal assistance.

Practical aspects

In Spain you are not required to take out a home insurance, not even for your primary home. Nevertheless, we recommend that you do so. In The documents you need to take out insurance are your passport, NIEnumber and the purchase contract for the house.

We cooperate with several insurance companies and can help you with contact, etc.